Spirituality … a Mystical Expedition

The community of love that claims my soul is a diverse one in many ways, but far from diverse in others. It has many souls with passions that run deep who share laughter that leaps to the rooftops in mere milliseconds, and who imprison themselves within your tears as they course down our faces. We are apart from the mainline faith of our greater community and yet a part of the western Christian movement that believes God is Still Speaking and we must listen in order to act and then act with conviction.

The joy of being among such kindred folk is full and rich, a tapestry of multi-hued humanity that quivers in anticipation of the shared bliss of togetherness as One Body, One Song, One Spirit. The challenge of being among such free-spirited bohemians is that you’re never quite sure what random acts of love or abundance will knock on your door or tap on your window or how you might be moved to reach out to help another hurting spirit. Then again, we become familiar with the familiar and forget to open our hearts and act from the essence of our beliefs more often than we care to admit.

We are human, after all – it is true, we are far from perfect – perhaps fortunate to be more imperfect than perfect and so we have room to grow our Spirituality and places to sow even more love, and people to reach out to who we may well need more than we know and more than they need us. Look for the Divine within you as I look for mine and then seek the spark of Divine without in every living thing, for we are here to re-connect, re-new and re-birth a new world, a world of peace, of love, of deep human-kind-ness to all our fellow travelers here on our Mother Earth.

The great turning and the shift is upon us so now we are able to realize how we can best use our power to love rather than to love power for its own sake. Now is the time, now is the moment of action. Creating unity through the strength of our diversity is the answer to our prayers. Please join me and invite the stranger as well as your neighbor to become as One, in Spirit through Love.


the Arts express our Hearts

Why are we 21st century Humans so possessed with the Sciences when the Arts express the truth of our Beings?

I contend that we belong to our hearts first and our heads second, thus it is rare to those of us here today, in this hyper, technologically-dominated and ego-oriented Western society, to center ourselves through seeking a balance within our consciousness. The Now suffers when I ignore the promptings of my essence to experience life in the moment for all its beauty and its miraculous existence.  Taking a simple breath, savoring the taste and texture of the orange as its flavor explodes upon my taste buds, contributing to the harmony and moving with the rhythm of the music, “seeing” the Divinity of our fellow creature within their eyes, getting on your belly on a March morning to take a photograph of a newly blooming flower – appreciating its brave sally forth into a cool Spring morning.

Looking for the “ordinary” in life is to recognize that stripping away the layered complexities of modern conveniences brings us closer to our own expression of the Divine. Being present to the changing seasons of our planet means we adapt to them. Acknowledging birth is the reverence we hold as life emerges anew, that death has been defeated, and the newly born rise up to blossom yet again. Last fall’s unharvested apples still hang from the tree, sustaining the new life through yielding their nutrients to the creatures of Spring.

How can Science portray such elegance in a way that celebrates the whole-ness as well as the hol-i-ness within the circle of life?  Art is but Nature in mimicry, yet through the lens of those who behold their reflections of Creation, the subtle and the sublime bring us, frail creatures we may be, peace, serenity, and fulfillment.  We truly become human when we embrace the myriad of meanings and the elemental release that the Arts bestow upon us.

Why, I ask, do I have not one, but two Science degrees? All my Heart really ever wants is to be a part of Nature, experiencing Life fully, in all its suffering and all its glory.

May Science RIP, Long Live the Arts!